Japanese Quail Eggs In Incubator

I filled my hovabator incubator with 42 Japanese quail eggs about 15 days ago. Japanese quail eggs take approximately 17 days to hatch. This morning I took the automatic egg turner out of the incubator and filled up the water trays to increase the humidity.

42 Japanese Quail Eggs In Incubator
42 Japanese Quail Eggs In Incubator

After lunch I thought I could hear some cheeping coming from the incubator and I even thought one of the eggs had pipped. When I looked later on I couldn’t see any sign of hatching.

I keep thinking I can hear cheeping and I have read that quail are supposed to call to each other whilst still in the egg in order to synchronise the hatch. I’ll keep you posted on the hatch.

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  1. I have a pair of Japanese quails, the female keeps laying eggs but not sitting on them so buy the time I realise they have gone cold. I work most days so I cant keep my eye on them all the time. What do you reccomend? Thanks

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