Mixing Quail Of Different Ages

I am often asked about mixing quail of different ages.

I have a quail from 3 different batches (eldest single female of 8 weeks, 2 females of 6 weeks and 2 of 3 weeks). I want to house them all together eventually – but assume I must wait until they’re all fully grown so they can stand up for themselves if another gets terriorial against them? I put the 6 week olds with the 8 week old but she went for the younger ones and I couldn’t help but dive in and split them up. Do you have any tips for getting them familiar – and at what point should I split them up if the bigger one goes for the younger ones? Your advice would be appreciated! Thank you. Lucy

Hi Lucy,

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Your quail are classed as adults from 6 weeks when they are able to lay and become
sexually active.

I have read that putting them all into an unfamiliar house so that non of them have
become familiar without and class it as their territory helps, if you are able to do this.

If you have to add some quail to a already established hut them you may want to put the
new comers in at night when they are more subdued and less likely to attack each other.
Alternatively placing them all in together during the day allows you to observe what is
happening and to check frequently.

If you can’t put them all in a fresh hut then the ones you are adding could be placed in
a run within the hut for a few weeks so that they can all get used to each other but they
can still see each other but not attack one another.

Quail will quickly attack another quail and draw blood usually on the neck area or back
so when they start to draw blood you will need to separate them as others will then
attack the bloodied quail.

Hope this helps. I have a free forum with a section on quail where people come to chat
and ask question which you may find interesting.
My friend Sallie never has a problem introducing quail to other quail.Check out the last
entry on this forum post. http://farmingfriends.com/forums/topic.php?id=180

Let me know how you get on.

Sara @ farmingfriends

Have you successfully mixed quail of different ages? If so do you have any tips on mixing quail of different ages?

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  1. Hi Sara,

    I’m, having problems with my quail as there are not enough breeders around somerset, clevedon. I was wandering whether you could spread out my website for me as I now have both sexes on the breeds. Thankyou


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