When Are Eggs For Eating Available

I have been asked if my eggs are seasonal or if I have eggs all year round.

Do you have eggs all the year round.  Or are they seasonal?  If so, how many months of the year do you have eggs for?

Many thanks

This is an interesting question.

I have free range hens and the hen eggs  are generally laid on and off all year round.

I have free range guinea fowl who tend to lay their eggs from the end of March/ beginning of April til September.

I have quail and the japanese quail that live in an aviary tend to lay from February til Spetember but I also have a large barn with quail in and they lay all year round. So I have quail eggs available for eating all year round.

I also have free range khaki campbell ducks and they have been laying since early Winter and as it is the first year I have kept the ducks it will be interesting to see if they stop laying.