Breeding Season For Roe Deer

The breeding season for roe deer takes place in late July and August and is known as the rut.

Roe Deer On The Run
Roe Deer On The Run

Hi Sara

We often see deer on Sunk Island- at least once a week. We were having a rare sit down earlier this week and a roe deer strolled past the window, across the lawn. Ten miutes later a stag followed in her footsteps, very slowly, nibbling the garden shrubs as he went. Someone said it was the mating season, but I am not sure if they are right. Do you know? TopVeg

Hi Topveg, how amazing to see two deer up close like that and so confident to walk through your garden. did you get a photo or video of this?
You are right about the mating season –  Baby deer are called kids or fawns and are born in the following May or June. Roe deer are unique amongst deer in that they have delayed implantation of the fertilised embryo so that the gestation period (7 months) is delayed until the Winter. The doe can have one or two kids which are nursed for 4-5 months. The kids are usually hidden in long grass. Twins are quite common and sometimes they may have triplets although this is uncommon.
Thanks for the interesting question.
kind regards
sara @ farmingfriends

Have you seen roe deer recently?

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  1. HI sara

    Thanks for that info. I did not know that roe deer are unique, being the only deer with delayed implantation. Ver interesting

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