Different Coloured Quail Chicks

I have noticed that some of my quail chicks are different colours, but I am not sure of the reason for this. I have some that hatched a dark brown, some cream and some fawn coloured which I didn’t have the first time I hatched quail.

Here is the dark brown and fawn coloured quail chicks.

Brown and fawn coloured Japanese quail chick
Brown and fawn coloured Japanese quail chicks

Here is the cream quail chick.

Cream coloured Japanese quail chick
Cream coloured Japanese quail chick

All of the eggs are from an aviary with japanese quail that are all dark brown so I am not sure why some are lighter in colour. Let me know if you have come across different coloured quail chicks. The quail are now about 5 weeks old and are growing well. They are nearly full size and reach maturity from 6 weeks old when the females can start to lay eggs.

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