Guinea Fowl With Leg Problem

Mike from Borneo has some guinea fowl and one seems to have a leg that has reversed itself.

“3 have ‘wonky feet. Once had splayd legs so I tied its legs together with string so that it could walk (sort of). I was then worrried about circulation and found some old ‘chain’ ear rings which I cannibalised so that they became ‘feet shackles’. It seeemd to do the trick and I removed them after a couple of days. It walks ok but has one foot turned out. Anoher keet has slightly inward facing feet but can run quite fast, and one other cant seem to stand up properly (one leg seems very weak), but it scrabbles around. I am going to try bracing the leg so that it is straight……The elastoplast solved the ‘splayed’ legs but now one leg seems to have reversed itself and the keet hobbles around – actually quite fast! The other keet with the weak leg seems to be slowly getting some strength and also moved quickly when startled.”

Mike has sent me some photos.

Mike says that the guinea fowl’s whole leg is dragging behind.

If anyone has come across this leg problem before then please let us know how you dealt with it.

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