Hessian Potato Sacks Available From TopVeg

I am delighted to announce that TopVeg are now selling hessian bags or sacks for potatoes.

The sacks are:

  • 50 x 80cm – not too heavy to lift.

  • ideal for storing potatoes, onions and garlic – allowing them to breathe and they do not sweat.

  • easy for the air to circulate through them.

  • each sack will hold approximately 28lb.
  • Introductory price for 5 sacks £5.45 plus postage & packing (UK only).

    Introductory price for 10 sacks £10.75 plus postage and packing (UK only).

Sorry – this offer is for UK only

To use TopVeg Hessian sacks:

  • fill them with dry potatoes – leave the potatoes out, spread thinly,  to dry naturally before putting in the sacks

  • do not wash the soil off the potatoes because washed potatoes will not store well, just let the soil dry before putting the potatoes into sacks

  • only store healthy potatoes, any damaged, bruised or diseased potatoes will not keep

  • once filled, store the sacks in a cool, dark place

  • check the potatoes regularly to make sure there is no wetness or smell.  If there is remove the offending potatoes.

  • keep inspecting the store for signs of rats and mice
  • TopVeg Hessian potato sacks are suitable for storing onions and garlic.