White Pigeon Or A Dove

On Monday I noticed a white bird on my garden path and upon closer inspection I saw what looked like a white pigeon or dove. It’s legs had been cut on something but as I got closer it managed to fly up onto the barn roof.

It seems to be quite tame and I think when I first saw it, the bird had just injured itself. Later that day I saw if fly from our orchard acorss the neighbouring field and thought that this pretty bird had now found the stregth to resume it’s journey.

However the following day the bird had returned and was sitting on our garage roof so I was able to take this photo.

White pigeon or a dove
White pigeon or a dove

On and off this week I have seen this bird in various locations around the farmyard but I am still unsure whether it is a white pigeon or a dove, can anyone help?

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  1. Hi we have found a white pigeon/dove on our outside deck and it has a tag on it’s right foot can’t really close enough to make it all out. I think it is ITC something. Who do we call to get the bird back to their owner? Thank you Debbie

  2. Hi Izzy,
    I couldn’t see a ring on my white pigeon/dove but it may be a racing pigeon!

    Hi Marissa, I hope the pigeon/dove you found was ok. I think pigeons and doves are the same, but could be wrong!

    Hi Jeff, Thanks for letting me know, is there a difference between a dove and a white pigeon and if so what is it?
    Thanks for the link, the pigeon mania site is interesting.

    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends


  3. ok so my brother just found a white bird in a garbage can face down so we got it out and its leg is broken…… we dont know hor to tell it from a dove or a pigeon can someone help??

  4. i have the same problem does yours have a ring around its leg? Ours is sitting on the roof with a grey racing pigeon and they both have tags on their legs they are eating our chickens corn

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