Bulls Sent To Market

Monday is market day and if livestock are ready for sale then Monday is the day they go.

We have had two bulls in the fold yard all Summer. They are lovely bulls and I have got quite fond of them and have given them names, which is never a good idea! They were given the names Ginger and Two Horns.

Two Bulls Ready For Market
Two Bulls Ready For Market

Two Horns was ready for market last week but unfortunately he wouldn’t load, although that was lucky for him as he had a weeks reprieve!

This Monday the plan was to get Two Horns into the trailer and if Ginger went in as well then it would just mean turning him round and getting him out. Sounds easy, but let me assure it’s not!

Two Horns is obviously called two horns as he has two horns on his head. Usually the cattle are dehorned when they are less than a week old butTwo Horns’ mother becomes very aggressive when she has calved and she calved out in the field and so it wasn’t possible to catch the calf to dehorn him, thus the name. Since Two Horns mother was aggressive at times, it was felt that Two Horns also had this potential. With this in mind it was felt for everybodies safety better if we just sent Ginger along to market as well.

My father-in-law wasn’t totally convinced we should send him as he didn’t think he had reached full market weight, but because of the safety issue decided it was best to take him, poor Ginger , not the best decision for him!

News from the market was good, although having not wanted to go into the trailer, neither bull wanted to come out. Usually way! Both bulls weighed well and the Ginger bull fetched just under £900 and Two Horns fetched over a £1000.

I was sad to see the bulls go as I talked to them everyday, twice a day at least, so they will be miseed, but it’s good that they fetched a good price at market.