Can Quail Eat Clover?

Does anyone know if quail can eat clover? I am asking the question because my quail have seemed to enjoy eating clover that I have growing amongst the grass in my garden but over a period of time I have lost quite a few quail and their egg production has reduced.

A friend pointed out that clover is on a list of plants that are toxic to poultry.

Have just done a search for can quail eat clover and found some info about clover and subclover reducing the reproduction of quail eggs! Which could be right as I lost quite a few quail and the egg numbers have significantly reduced.

But then I have read that grouse, partridge, and quail eat the foliage of clover, depending on what area of the U.S. you’re in.

I think I will ask my vet and I’ll let you know what he says. If anyone has any info about whether quail can eat clover then please leave a comment.

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