Fox Takes Friends Hens

My friend Trisha from Bird Table News emailed to say that this Summer a fox has taken a number of their hens.

Just wanted to say that this summer we had foxes get some chickens. The chickens that the fox  killed always wandered off on their own and were never near the cockerel.  We now have 4 or 5 hens and one cockerel.  These hens stay close to the cockerel and we’re sure the cockerel knows when the fox is about – it makes a lot of noise.  We’re sure it keeps the fox away.  We don’t get many eggs but the hens potter about. Trisha

I can fully sympathise with Trisha as I have lost 6 guinea fowl hens this Summer to the fox despite rounding the birds up in the early afternoon. I have noted that killings took place about 5.30pm on a number of occasions but also at 2pm and 3pm.

So how can we protect our poultry from the fox and still let your birds free range during the day?

If you keep hens or are interested in keeping hens then visit the farmingfriends hen forum for the latest chat about hens and then check out the books shown below about keeping hens which are informative and excellent for the beginner and a handy reference for the more experienced hens keeper.

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2 thoughts on “Fox Takes Friends Hens”

  1. Hi Wildlife Gardener,
    Thanks for your regular visits. My poor poultry have to come in early just to avoid the fox and on a sunny day they don’t want to!
    A wire fence and electric fencing for a poultry enclosure is a good idea. My poultry have the free range of the whole farm so it is abit difficult to confine them into one space.
    I have had a look at your butterfly videos, they are lovely. You are a fantastic photographer.
    Best Wishes
    sara @ farmingfriends

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