Guinea Pig Insurance

I have a pet guinea pig and although Guiness the guinea pig is in good health, he is nearly 5 years old so I am considering getting some guinea pig pet insurance.

Guiness The Guinea Pig
Guiness The Guinea Pig

Pet insurance plans can include:

  • plans for basic sickness,
  • plans for basic injury expenses,
  • deluxe plans to cover nearly every type of illness,
  • deluxe plans to cover nearly every type of accident,
  • deluxe plans to cover nearly every type of injury,
  • plans for routine care,
  • plans for examination,
  • plans for dental work,
  • plans for financial liability,
  • plans to cover death of pet.

Guinea pig insurance is available from some insurers and there are a number of insurance plans, policies and options that can be taken out. offer small mammal vet fees cover. 1 small mammal such as a guinea pig can have up to £2000 of vet fees covered for a cost of £105.75. They do not cover escape or mysterious disappearance and will only cover only pets from 8 weeks to 5 years of age at policy inception date.

If you know of any other insurance companies that do guinea pig insurance then please leave a comment.

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