Limping Ducks

I am often asked what to do about a limping duck.

  1. Check the leg, if the duck will let you, for signs of cuts or infection as untreated wounds can lead to bumblefoot.
  2. Check for any lumps or calluses on the ducks feet.
  3. If no signs of injury, lumps or calluses then give the duck time to rest the leg. The more the duck is able to rest the better but I found that it did take a few weeks for the limping to stop.
  4. If your ducks free range then restrict the amount of free ranging time for the limping duck so that the duck has time to rest.
  5. If your ducks roam about on concrete paths then this can sometimes affect their legs as it is hard on their feet so maybe restricting where they can go might help so that they are only walking on soft ground.
  6. If you are concerned about your duck then you could phone the vet for advice but this may incure a charge.

I am afraid that if a duck has knocked their leg then it will be just time and patience that will heal their leg if they have caught it on something or injured it in some way.

Let me know if you have any advice about ducks with a limp.

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