Market Age For Quail

I was asked about the market age for Texas A M quail, so have done some research into slaughter ages for quail.

I have been asked, “hi i have been approached by my local butcher for some quail i incubate TEXAS A M QUAIL as it is a larger bird but what age is it best to kill for table purposes thanks. Carl”

Here is my response.

Hi Carl,
Thanks for your question re quail. Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you but I don’t raise quail for meat so wasn’t sure of the answer. I have googled it and looked through all my books and I can’t find a specific answer. What I did read was that it is from 6 weeks:
Bob White Market Age is 6-16 weeks
Coturnix Japonica market age is 6 weeks but also read that it was 9 weeks.
Cross bred the market age is 6 weeks
I read that the Texas A M quail reach market age at 6 to 7 weeks.
I have a quail forum and will add your question there to see if any members know the age for slaughter.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards

Sara @ farmingfriends

Do you have any information about quail market ages?

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  1. Hi, I raise Texas A&M Quail and find that by only allowing them 8 hours of daylight after they reach 4 weeks they put their energy into growth rather than reaching sexual maturity, this gives them an extra growth spurt and they reach their full growth potential and are very well fleshed at 8-10 weeks. They are far better fleshed this way as they are not waisting energy on courtship behaviours.

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