Selling Duck Eggs for Eating

I have been asked about selling duck eggs for eating.

We have two Indian Runners and can get about two 2 three eggs a day, we would like to sell them to the public can anyone tell me the rules and regulations on selling to the public! I have read so many different things I am confused

Hi Jess,

Thanks for your question.

Firstly eggs cannot be washed when they are to be sold in shops or farmer’s markets. I think that if you are just giving your eggs to friends and family then they can be washed but you must wash them in water that is warmer than the egg so that the water doesn’t penetrate the pores of the shell.

If you are selling your eggs in shops and at farmers markets then the eggs have to have a label with were they were produced on them eg the address where the eggs were laid.

Also a best before date needs to go on. I put three weeks on duck eggs as I have been led to believe that there is currently no legislation on duck eggs.

You could contact the egg marketing inspectorate to double check the legislation.

Here are the regional telephone numbers:
South & East Region 01223 533634
Midlands & Wales Region 01902 693145
Northern Region 0113 2305989
Western Region 01179 591000

Hope that helps.
Kind regards
sara @ farmingfriends

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