Duck Egg Customer’s Ducklings Hatch Out

I am always delighted to hear from my customers especially when they have an excellent hatch like Ally did.

Dear Sara

I neglected to send you an e-mail thanking you for the safe delivery of my Khaki Campbell

You will be pleased to know that all six hatched and I am glad to report that the result
was 2 drakes and 4 girls!! One was the result of a lothario mallard I suspect as he is
very dark but don’t worry, it makes no difference to us! The other 5 are all lovely light
brown colour.

They are all on the lake together with my mix of Aylesbury, runners, and general bit of
everything and the one remaining Khaki girl who also had here own ducklings this year.



Here they are together with 3 ducklings from my runner on the lake (or at least she laid
the eggs and left the rest to me!)


Ally's Ducklings
Ally's Ducklings
Ally's Ducklings Enjoying A Swim In Pool
Ally's Ducklings Enjoying A Swim In Pool

It is great to see the ducklings and know that they are enjoying their new life. I look forward to hearing about their progress.

This was my reply to Ally.

Dear Ally,

I am sorry it’s taken me a while to reply to your email. I am delighted to hear that all
6 eggs hatched out. Great results. It’s interesting to hear that you suspect that one was
due to a lothario mallard. I don’t have a large pond, only children’s sandpits that I
fill with water. I have never seen any wild ducks on my farm but that’s not to say that a
stray drake didn’t come along to the farm and try to muscle in on Sir Francis’ patch and
his 6 khaki girls! I hatched my seven from about four sources of khaki campbell duck eggs
but maybe some of the eggs were not pure bred khaki campbell ducks if the colourings are
different on yours. I am pleased that you don’t mind.

It sounds like you have a lovely area for all your ducks and drakes with the lake. I have
enjoyed looking at your photos.

Glad that your original khaki duck now has some more duck friends!

Keep in touch with progress of your ducks.

Kind regards

Sara @ farmingfriends

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