National Steak Week In UK

National Steak Week will run from October 12th to October 18th and will basically try to encourage everyone to eat more steak.

The British restaurant Beefeater is celebrating it’s 35th birthday this October and to celebrate 35 years of chargrilling they are launching National Steak Week so that the nation can indulge in their love for steak.

The week will be a celebration of all things steak, from the juiciest rumps, to the tenderest sirloins and the meatiest T- Bones and with a choice of 12 sauces, such as peppercorn, béarnaise and Argentine speciality ‘Chimi Churi’ there is something to suit all meat eating tastes!

Beefeater are also running a promotion giving anyone who is 35 during National Steak Week the chance to get a free meal. So if you are are celebrating your 35th birthday between 12th-18th October or just want want to celebrate all things steak then why not check out Beefeaters.

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  1. Missed steak week, although we eat it all the time. Our favourite cut is ribeye. I like the sound of the sauces Beefeater were offering. x

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