RSPCA BBQ Source Campaign

This Summer the RSPCA launched the BBQ Source campaign, which focused on making people aware of issues surrounding animal welfare, especially when shopping for meat for the barbecue. The campaign offers help and advice to welfare-conscious consumers who don’t want to forget the ‘source’ of their meat when cooking on the BBQ.

RSPCA BBQ Source Campaign
RSPCA BBQ Source Campaign

As part of the campaign, a survey was conducted and found that 72% of respondent’s buying decisions were price dependent. Many consumers’ view higher welfare meat to be expensive, but the RSPCA’s shopping guide also includes tips on how to shop on a budget. To help show the importance of buying higher welfare meat the RSPCA has developed a shopping guide which provides useful reference guides to food labelling, recipes as well as addressing the key issues surrounding animal welfare, such as growth rates and living conditions of the animals.

“With around 93%  of the population eating meat, we know that people’s buying habits can have a very direct influence on how farm animals reared for meat are raised. That is why we feel it is so important that as many people as possible are informed about and encouraged to choose meat raised to higher welfare standards,” said Mel Andrews, campaign manager for the RSPCA.

“If more people go out of their way to choose or ask for welfare-friendly food such as RSPCA Freedom Food labelled products, more of the 900 plus million animals reared for food each year in the UK will be raised under higher welfare standards,” she added.

“Price can sometimes be seen as a barrier when buying higher welfare meat, and this is where the RSPCA’s online shopping guide can come in handy,” adds Andrews. ” You can still save money when buying higher welfare meat by preparing the food yourself, getting the portions right and using up leftovers for another meal the next day.”

According to the government funded ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign which sets out to encourage shoppers to make the most of the food they buy, and waste less of it, in the UK we throw away the equivalent of 33 million chickens and 3 million pigs per year. This is a waste of money and animals’ lives.

The  ‘BBQ Source’ RSPCA campaign website provides:

  • lots of barbecue-related hints and tips,
  • a shopping guide with information on what labels to look out for when choosing higher welfare,
  • price comparisons,
  • ideas on how to use leftovers,
  • a portion calendar to help cut down on food waste,
  • information on the key welfare issues affecting farm animals.

Next time you are planning a BBQ, checkout the ‘BBQ Source’ RSPCA campaign website.

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  1. I have just finished a class topic about animal rights and welfare. For homework my friend had to find an RSPCA advert and she chose this one. When I saw it I was shocked. I had no idea that we waste that much meat!

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