Calf Born & Cow Aggressive

Cow number 32 had a calf in the early hours of Wednesday morning. When I went out at 7am the calf was standing and looked like it had been born for some time.

Charolais Calf
Charolais Calf

It didn’t take me long to realise this was a newborn calf as the cow was very protective and acting in an aggressive manner when anyone went near the fold yard gates. The calf is a heifer calf and is strong and getting lots of milk.

Charolais cow and newborn calf
Charolais cow and newborn calf

We moved the cow and calf into the calving pen for the first few days so that the calf has plenty of room and isn’t knocked about by the other cows.

Today (Sunday) we tagged the calf and have moved the cow and calf back into the fold yard. I had to keep my distance as cow 32 really doesn’t like me and whilst she is generally a bit of a bad tempered cow she is even more so when I am about!

When 32 went back into the fold yard with her calf, some of the other cows started fighting with her as they have been separated for a few days and need to re-establish the pecking order! There was alot of hoof scuffing along the floor and head butting each other but they have now settled down thankfully.

The calf didn’t seem to be phased by the move and the fighting. she is quite a big calf and lively and so is able to get out of the way if needs be.

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  1. that sounds grate !!

    we have a cow that has a 4 day old calf that had not had a good drink so we brought him in for a feed to keep him going untill he could drink properly and the cow atacked my grandpa ! she ran at him and bunted him with her head over and over again and then i hit her an the head with a peace of pipe and she had a go at me until i hit her again and she gave up!!! 😛

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