Ducks Eggs Can Be Eaten

I am often asked if you can eat duck eggs. The answer is definately yes. Duck eggs can be used in the same way as hen eggs.

They are particularly good for:

  • omelettes
  • pancakes
  • poaching
  • scrambling

If you enjoy a fry up or a boiled egg for breakfast then a duck egg is a good substitute for a hen egg as it is a large egg!

An excellent serving suggestion for soft boiled duck eggs is to serve them with asparagus.

Duck eggs are excellent for making light and spongy cakes, buns and miffins.

Don’t use duck eggs for making Yorkshire puddings as the Yorkshire puddings tend to be heavy and don’t rise very well.

This is what some of the farmingfriends forum members had to say about duck eggs.

How do you like to eat and use duck eggs, please let us know.