Electric Fencing For Pigs

When deciding on the type of fencing most suited to your situation and where you are going to keep your pigs, you will need to consider what is surrounding the area where the pigs will live, is it crops, gardens or roadside. You will need to think about cost and whether you want a permanent fence structure or fencing that can be moved easily and if it has an electric supply.

If electric fencing is to be used then the pigs will need to be introduced to it otherwise the pigs will find a way to get through it or will get in a panic. You need to educate the pig about the electric fence and when doing this place an electric fence in front of a wall or real fence so that you can contain the pigs as you train them. When the pigs touch the wire they go backward as they can see that going forward is not possible. If you just introduce the wire alone, they are as likely to go forward as back when they touch, as they initially have no idea what is causing it. Once the pig has touched the electric fence a couple of times they will realise that they don’t want to go through. 2-4 days in the training pen and they learn that it is the wire that they don’t want to touch.  After that you can put them into the area that you intend to use for them, they will recognise the wire.

When you do take the electric fence down you may find that the pigs will not want to go over the area where the electric fence was so try putting straw down where the fence was and the pigs should cross the line or tie ribbon to the electric fence and then when the fence is removed the pigs will realise they can cross as the ribbon has gone.

Electric fences can be mains operated or battery operated if you are not close to an electricity supply. The mains electric fencing is more reliable and stronger. If just using electric fencing then the pigs will need to have 4 or five wires to keep them in.

You also need to think about the fact that pigs dig up land and root about in the soil so your bottom wire needs to be close enough to the ground that the the pigs are not able to dig under it and are also unable to walk under it without it catching their body.

With the electric fence wire close to the ground you will need to make sure that vegetation is  kept to a minimum.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    Good to hear from you. I am sorry to hear that your boar is not growing like the others and doesn’t seem happy. Maybe you could separate him with a few others that he can bond with so he’s not on his own but also so that he doesn’t have lots of the others to compete with. Has he been bullied by some of the others? Has he lost a mate?
    Does he need some extra time spent with him? Does he need extra stimulation. Eg lots of straw to root through. Some old rubber tyres hanging from the ceiling to push about etc
    Hope he becomes happier.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Dear Sara
    I have a pig that is 5 months old and he does not seem to gain much weight like the rest of the litter. He’s not aggressive at all. he sleeps by him self, he ‘s not growing like the others. I separated him for 2 weeks thinking he was sick, gave him a shot of antibiotics vitamin b and feed him calf manna for awhile not much help he acts like he’s depressed. What do you think?


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