Guest Appearance – Golden Pheasants By Allandoo Pheasantry

Zoe A. Hunter from Allandoo Pheasantry is a breeder of ornamental and rare species of pheasant. Zoe has written about the Golden Pheasant.

The most popular of the Ornamental Pheasants to keep in an aviary is undoubtedly the Golden Pheasant.

Golden Pheasant
Golden Pheasant

It is not difficult to see why as the colours of this bird are dazzling. With scarlet, bright yellow and orange, a deep royal blue and a rich dark green with some of the feathers edged in a velvety black the Golden Pheasant is one of the world’s most colourful creatures.

As well the outstanding colour the Golden Pheasant can easily become tame. They may not like to be cuddled but, with a little patience, most birds will learn to eat from your hand and they may well hop up onto a lap or an arm.

The Golden Pheasant is extremely hardy and easy to look after. Although a shelter is needed this can be very basic without added heat. They enjoy a varied diet which means they are quite easily satisfied with all sorts of seed, nuts, fruit and vegetables and although not a necessity live food would certainly be relished.

Golden Pheasants
Golden Pheasants

If adding plants to the aviary Golden Pheasants will enjoy a nibble but they are not as destructive as many other birds and most plants in a reasonable sized aviary will still manage to thrive.

Golden Pheasants are fairly cheap to buy and will always be admired. They are in need of conservation as their habitat in the wild is rapidly disappearing. Always look for pure Goldens as many hybrids are sold which will make it much harder to keep these gorgeous birds for future generations to see.

Golden Pheasants by Zoe A. Hunter. Allandoo Pheasantry

4 thoughts on “Guest Appearance – Golden Pheasants By Allandoo Pheasantry”

  1. Hi Scott,
    Glad you liked Zoe’s guest article. Golden pheasants are beautiful looking birds. I have only seen one at a petting farm. Can they free range during the day and come back to their shelter at night? Do they mix with other poultry ok as I have hens, guinea fowl, and ducks?
    Good luck with your eggs you are incubating – let us know how you get on.
    Just to let you know that I have a free forum which has alot of active members who I am sure would be interested to hear about your golden pheasants.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Good article. I raise golden pheasants, and I can say they are a pleasure to keep. The males are always showing off and displaying. They are really easy to keep… just basic shelter, quality food, and clean water. Mine started laying a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve not got several of their eggs incubating right now. They are due to hatch in early May.

  3. Hi Topveg,
    Yes it is very interesting. These birds are so beautiful. I saw one at an animal park a few years ago. It is great to hear about keeping these birds. The photos are great.
    Best Wishes
    Sara @ farmingfriends

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