Quail Egg Fertility Rate October 2009

When breeding quail and incubating their eggs it is important to keep a record of fertility and to calculate the percentage fertility because this will help in evaluating incubation  and breeding efficiency. I have recently incubated some quail eggs from quail that were hatched themselves in 2007, so two years on it is important to check their fertility. You can calculate fertility in the following way;

% fertility = number of fertile eggs/number of total eggs produced or set.

23 fertile quail eggs divided by 31 quail eggs in the incubator = 0.7419354 X 100 = 74% fertility.

This is a good  fertility rate for this time of the year as the male quail’s fertility is effected by cold temperatures, thus breeding quail in October when the weather is colder can effect the fertility rate of the eggs.

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