Where To Buy Guinea Fowl In Thailand

I am often asked where to buy guinea fowl in Thailand. My farmingfriends friend Steve who lives in Chiang Mai provided me with the following information about where to buy guinea fowl in Thailand.

On the main highway from Lampang about 15kms towards Chiang Mai on the right side is the country market of Hang Chat which has only one surviving stallholder with poultry.

A few months ago it looked rather disorganised and only had adult guineas and young turkeys but when I returned the new owner had tidied things up but now kept only young guineas, no adults. I paid 700thb for what I hope turns out to be two males and one female, maybe 6-8 weeks old.

Its very likely there would be guinea fowl in Chatuchak market in Bangkok but for me thats a long way to go. Here you may find traders who don’t have them on show but could get them for you on request.

If you know where you can buy guinea fowl in Thailand then please leave a comment.

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