Can You Move Unhatched Hen Eggs?

I have been asked if you can you move unhatched hen eggs.

“Can you move unhatched chook eggs to another location like another nesting spot or coup. Coral”

Hi Coral,

Thanks for your question. I don’t have experience of moving unhatched hen eggs myself but I have tried to move guinea fowl eggs when the guinea fowl hen goes broody and wants to sit in an unsafe place or the guinea eggs that I find that the guinea fowl are not yet sitting on, but from experience the guinea fowl have never sat on the eggs after I have moved them as they do not like their nest to be disturbed.

If you have a broody hen sitting else where then you could move the unhatched eggs and place them under her. It seems that hens decide where they want to go broody and it’s generally not where you want them to go broody. If you don’t have a broody hen you could try making them broody by putting down some pot eggs and then when they go broody you can add the unhatched eggs which you can store in the correct conditions until she goes broody.

I have added your question to my farmingfriends forum so some of the members may have some advice.

I hope you get the eggs sorted.

Kind regards

Sara @ farmingfriends

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