Labelling Pork – Defra Introduce New Code Of Practice

I was interested to read in the Farmers Guardian about Defra drawing up a new code of practice for labelling pork products.

The new code of  practice will see retailers and processors clearly displaying the origin of the pork on the front of packets which will see an end to ambiguous labelling that has previously seen imported meat that is processed in the UK and then labelled as “produced in Britain.”

The Farmers Guardian article states that, “The code is expected to come into force on February 1 next year, and will mean pork products labelled ‘British’ will have to be produced from animals born, reared and slaughtered in Britain.”

I was pleased to read that the major retailers Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s as well as processors Cranswick, Vion and Tulip have all signed up to the code.

I am glad to hear about this labelling as I am always scrutinising the food labels to see where meat that I buy is produced and since rearing my own pork for the last two years I have become even more aware of where and how the pork I eat is reared and produced.