Tips To Stop or Prevent Hens Eating Eggs

My hens have recently started to eat the duck eggs that are laid in the early morning before 8am. My hens and ducks are kept in the smae hut but I don’t want the hens to eat the duck eggs so I have been looking at tips to stop egg eating.

  • Gather eggs more frequently or earlier.
  • Make nest boxes as dark as possible.
  • Fill empty egg shells with mustard. They do not like the taste of the mustard.
  • Use coloured stones or pebbles to discourage egg eating. The hens will peck at them and when they can’t break them they will ignore the real eggs.
  • Give hens pleanty of oyster shell and green vegetables.
  • Feed mash instead of pellets as the hens fulfil their intake more quickly on pellets and therefore have more time for bad habits!
  • Trim the birds beaks.

Egg eating can be a difficult habit to break once it has started, so if you have any tips please let me know what has worked for you.

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