Top Ten Posts On Farming Friends November 2009

Here are the most popular articles on the farmingfriends website during November 2009, so if you didn’t get chance to read them, now’s your chance to catch up.

  1. Pickled Beetroot.
  2. Lemon cheesecake.
  3. Edible Parts Of A Pig.
  4. Coccidiosis In Chickens.
  5. Incubating guinea fowl eggs.
  6. Pork Brawn Recipe.
  7. Wooden Reindeer Garden Ornament.
  8. Building Your Own Poultry Eggs Incubator.
  9. Khaki campbell duck eggs for hatching for sale.
  10. Can you eat garden snails?

Some of the readers are interested in recipes which is not a surprise at this time of year, with more entertaining and parties happening. What is surprising is that incubating and hatching egg posts are still popular in November which is not a traditional month of hatching eggs in the UK.

Hope you enjoy reading some of the posts you may have missed on farmingfriends.