Duck Dependent On Humans

If you have a duck who has become dependent on humans, say if you incubate some duck eggs and only one duckling hatches out then the duckling may become dependent on the human who is caring for the duckling as the bird doesn’t have any other ducks to interact with.

So what can you do if a duck or duckling has become dependent on a human?

  • Give the duckling or duck another duck or two to become friends with. Introducing ducks that are not as tame will help to  reduce the dependency on then human.
  • If it is a duckling then giving the duckling other stimulus in the brooder other than human attention may help to alleviate dependency.
  • Give the duckling a toy duck to interact with.
  • Give the duckling a variety of appropriate food to keep the duckling occupied.
  • Once the duck is old enough give the duck outside house so that the duck gets used to spending time away from humans.

Do you have any tips for making a dependent duck or duckling less dependent on humans, if so please leave a comment.

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