Foxes Spotted Near Farm

This morning my husband and I spotted 2 foxes in the field opposite our farm. It was about 8am when we saw them. The foxes seemed to be following each other. The lead fox didn’t seem to want the other fox to follow. After about 5 minutes the fox that had been following retreated behind a tree in the field and wasn’t seen again.

The other fox made it’s way across the field to the ditch and then weaved in and out of the overgrown weeds and grasses in the ditch verge until it reached the hedgrerow that borders our lane. At that point I left my viewing point and went outside to see if I could see the fox. Armed with camera I found no sign of the fox.

I am sure that the fox was heading straight for the poultry hut. Fortunately I hadn’t got the poultry out and I decided to keep them in their hut for the day. Usually if I have to keep them in due to weather or other commitents that means I wouldn’t be back to put them away safely then I open the outer door to the hut as I have put up an inner door in the Summer so that even when the poultry are kept inside for the day they get some fresh air and natural light. However today I daren’t open the outer door as the inner door is not very strong and a hungry fox would probably be able to get into the hut, especially with the incentive of 7 ducks, 23 guinea fowl and 5 hens in the poultry hut. The  poultry were not impressed that they couldn’t come out and when I opened the door the ducks and hens wanted to come out, but at least they were saved from being a foxes dinner.

I will have to see tomorrow if I can see the foxes in the field, before I make a decision about letting the poultry out or not.

Do you have any stories about foxes threatening your poultry?

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