Guinea Fowl Breeding Behaviour

Signs to look out for to indicate that the guinea fowl breeding season is under way are:

  • Guinea fowl subdividing into smaller groups as Spring approaches. During the Winter months a large flock of guinea fowl will all free range together but during the Spring and Summer months the guinea fowl will move about in smaller groups of about 4-6 guinea fowl.
  • Male guinea fowl starting to chase each other. This behaviour is a way of male guinea fowl trying to show their supremacy over another male and to impress the female guinea fowl. The males will run in one direction with one guinea fowl chasing the other and then will come back in the other direction with the opposite guinea fowl chasing.
  • The male guinea fowl will chase the females and tug on their back feathers.
  • Male guinea fowl mounting a female guinea fowl – guinea fowl breeding doesn’t seem to be obviously and I have rarely seen the guinea fowl mating in the 5-6 years I have been keeping guinea fowl.

There are certain signs that show that the guinea fowl hen is about to start laying eggs.

  • Visiting the same patch of undergrowth daily.
  • Sitting in a patch of undergrowth for periods of time.
  • Digging a hole in the ground to form a nest area in the undergrowth.
  • Male guinea fowl sitting nearby waiting for the hen.

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