Mixing More Than One Male Call Duck With Three Female Call Ducks

I am often asked about mixing different set of ducks and thought that this was a particularly interesting question about mixing call ducks.

“Hi, I have just been given two females and a male call duck, literally with out any notice! I couldnt say no but am I going to upset my pair of call ducks who are a breeding pair by keeping them all together for a couple of weeks whilst i get a new run built? Dont know much about keeping more than one male with 3 females!!!! many thanks Tanya”

Hi Tanya,

When you introduce more than one male especially if they are nearing sexual maturity then they may fight if there are only three females.

Also you may find that the new male is more dominant and starts to breed with the female of the original pair which you may not want to happen.

Hope they all get on and you can separate them quickly.
kind regards
sara @ farmingfriends

So things to consider when mixing more than one male duck with a trio of breeding call ducks:

  • Males may fight, especially during the breeding season.
  • All drakes may mate with the female call ducks which means that pedigree can’t be guaranteed by a specific male.
  • One drake will become dominant and this may not be the drake you want to breed.
  • May need to separate groups and particularly the drakes.
  • May need to get more females to satisfy the drakes.

If you have any advice for Tanya about mixing more than one drake with her breeding call ducks then please leave a comment.

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