Splayed Legs In Guinea Fowl Keets

Splayed legs are when a guinea fowl keets legs are not in line correctly but splayed out making movement and standing difficult.

Splayed legs can be the result of the newly hatched keets not being able to get a grip on the floor of the incubator or brooder and as a result the legs will spread out. It can also be caused when their is a good litter on the ground but the keet just struggles to stand due to being weak or because the feet are curled in.

If caught early the splayed legs can be cured by strapping or splinting the legs so that they come back into line. This can be done with pipe cleaners, elastic bands or probably best of all an elastaplast bandaid. A good resource to show this can be found by clicking this link http://www.poultryhelp.com/spraddle.html

In future you can prevent splayed legs by making sure that the litter you are using in your brooder has good traction. I tend to use chopped up straw to start with so that the guinea fowl don’t think that it is food like they do with sawdust.

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