Khaki Campbell Duck Doesn’t Want To Come Out Of Hut

My 6 ducks and 1 drake always dash out of the hut every morning as if shot out of a cannon. They love to get out and go splash in their pool or nibble the grass or find fresh snails!

This morning I counted 6 come out of the hut. Had I mis-counted or could it be something worse? A sinking feeling hit me as I entered the hut. Thankfully I went into the hut one of the ducks was still inside.

She didn’t seem to want to go outside but instead had a drink of water and then went to settle down in the corner of the hut.

I collected the eggs and one she had been standing when I entered the hut was very warm as if just laid. I did wonder if she had been sat on this egg and when I entered it had disturbed her.

In the other hand she may not have laid her egg yet and so I left thinking that she may want to lay an egg, but when I returned she hadn’t laid an egg.

I don’t know if she is:

  • broody,
  • having problems laying (although she didn’t seem to be) or
  • if she was poorly.

I hope it’s not the latter. She is one of the smaller ducks and when the others returned to the hut later in the afternoon, one of the other ducks seemed to peck at her abit. She seemed to be nervous. I have noticed that Francis’ head is turning green so he is obviously getting ready for the mating season and maybe she is getting nervous because as one of the smaller ones she will be easier for Sir Francis to have his way with!

Any advice would be appreciated. Will keep you posted on her progress.
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