Khaki Campbell Duck Not Coming Out Of Hut – Day Two

Day 2 – Still have one duck that won’t come out of the hut it’s been two days now, getting abit worried about her, she is drinking but won’t eat the layers pellets.

She moves about ok if I get close but she seems to want to sit or hide in the straw and she is drinking a fair bit. She isn’t interested in the layers pellets as I moved them closer to her and threw a few pellets near her.

I filled up the big bucket I put in their hut and she had a drink and then got in for a dip so that is a good sign.

Fingers crossed she will be ok. She won’t let me get close to her for a good examine of her. I have been crawling on the floor commando style to try to get near her – she must be thinking what is that silly woman doing!Can’t tell if she is broody, egg bound, bullied by other ducks or poorly. She doesn’t really look poorly so hope she isn’t. Fingers crossed she will get back to normal.

Now it’s late afternoon and she is still in the hut, drinking quite alot. Still not interested in having any layers pellets. I did a hard boiled egg all chopped up and she ate a few pieces of yolk but not really interested. Not sure if this is because she is ill or scared. She looks abit on edge and keeps facing the wall. I think she is the duck that Francis always bothers at breeding time.

Yesterday when I went into the hut one of the ducks had just laid an egg and it may have been her. She won’t let me get near her.

It is a worry when they are under the weather. I was thinking I might put some vermx wormer in the water. She may have worms, but wouldn’t the others be behaving the same?

It’s difficult to tell if she is egg bound without picking her up and this may stress her out as they are not used to me touching them.

The ducks have all come in now and I have noticed a few of the other ducks and the drake were sort of pecking at her not in a terribly vicious way but as if they are just bullying her abit and warning her. I wonder if she is being bullied and is stressed?

Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Will keep you posted on her progress.
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