Male Cats Not Getting On

It seems that two of my male cats do not get on for some reason, not sure why as they have grown up together but just in the last year the older male cat (Fluffy) has taken a dislike to the slightly younger cat (Stripe).

Earlier this week Fluffy my alpha male cat looked abit like he had been in a fight, gash on ear and bits stuck to his fur and a runny eye. Stripe who Fluffy doesn’t like seemed abit subdued and slightly below par and I noticed a scab on his lower lip, which suggests he may have been in a fight. He wasn’t walking about as well as he does normally but was eating well. His tail didn’t raise up like cats tails do when they are greeting you and appeared to be stuck to his bottom although not stuck down with anything as such. I don’t know if he has knocked his tail and bottom and bruised it slightly.
On Friday night Stripe was sitting on the bales and then when I went back 10 mins later, after helping to bottle feed the new born calf, Stripe had disappeared and didn’t reappear until this morning but before I could feed him and check he was ok, Fluffy, Spot and Snowball seemed to chase him off.

Is there anything I can do to bring harmony back to the group? We have a large farmyard for 5 cats to wander about in so I don’t think it’s anything to do with amount of space. The 5 cats are Snowy – the mum to all of them, Fluffy, Snowball, Spot and Stripe who are all males. All the cats have been to the vets and have been done so to speak. Stripe and Spot are both from the same litter but Fluffy and Snowball are from two other previous litters.

All the cats are white with abit of ginger on except Stripe who is all ginger.
I am worried about Stripe as he is under par and not as fit as he would normally be to get away from Fluffy.
I hope to find Stripe and keep him away from the others until he is better, but Stripe is hiding from Fluffy at the moment, hopefully uninjured. He was last heard/seen going into an empty corn bin. Fluffy has been sitting outside it waiting for Stripe, I have tried to entice Fluffy away and managed once to get him to come away for some food but when I went to pick Fluffy up at one point he gave me a warning swipe with his claws – fortunately didn’t hurt as it was just a warning to leave him alone!

I am going to go back out now to see what the situation is and hopefully will be able to find Stripe – it may involve climbing up onto the bales. I have already had to navigate  the bales and a pile of sugar beet to see if I could see Stripe earlier on, but the other cats were all prowling around and I think Stripe was keeping a low profile, I just hope he isn’t injured.
If anyone has any advice  about reasons why male cats don’t get on and what I can do to resolve this situation then please leave a comment.