News From The Farm January 2010

Here is a quick round up of news from the farm since the end of last year and through January 2010.

The cows are in the fold yard and we have had about 4 calves born this year already. We did have a calf that wasn’t digesting food well and I cared for it but it didn’t make it unfortunately.

The hens are being abit naughty at the moment as they have taken a liking to the duck eggs and every morning they have cracked 1-3 eggs. The hens will be moving to another hut after the weekend to prevent them from egg eating.

The ducks are not laying quite so many eggs, although as I have said the hens are pecking at them so it’s hard to tell how many of the 6 ducks are actually laying, although a couple of the ducks look like they are moulting which generally means that they go off lay.

The quail have had mycoplasma and needed to be treated with medication. Mycoplasma is like conjuntivitis. They are all better. We couldn’t eat the eggs for 10 days. The wintery weather has but the quail off laying so haven’t had a quail egg for ages.

Christmas and the new year saw lots of snow in Yorkshire and the poultry couldn’t come out. The guinea fowl don’t like to stand on snow so they didn’t come out for nearly two weeks. The drinkers and taps were frozen every morning so it took extra time making sure the poultry had fresh water. One day the ducks managed to sneak out of their hut when my back was turned and they enjoyed running about in the snow although I noticed they didn’t range as far.

Two foxes have been spotted in the next field so I am worried that they will take the poultry.

The guinea fowl are getting ready for the mating season and are beginning to separate into their smaller groups.

The fattening cattle are now getting to market weight and every Monday a couple of heifers are now being loaded for market. This week the price has dropped which isn’t good news for beef cattle producers.

We are just about to have work started on the farmhouse kitchen so we are currently eating up food in our big freezer so we have been treating ourselves to home produced pork and guinea fowl and even had rabbit casserole the other day.

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