Snowy The Cat’s Adventure

Well Snowy the cat has had an adventure, not only has she visited a neighbours farm and had a holiday away from us here but she’s had a ride on a trailer full of straw bales!

Snowy The Cat February 2010
Snowy The Cat February 2010

On Thursday 18th February 2010, hubby drove atrailer load of straw bales through our village to a neighbours farm with my cat Snowy on top.

I got a phone call and when I arrived Steve and Edward had just lost sight of the cat and we couldn’t find her.

I wondered if Snowy would return to our farm on her own as you hear of cats returning to their old home, I wondered what the distance a cat will travel and if  she was likely to know her way home. I was cheered up when I heard that one cat had come home 40 miles after being taken to another farm!

Unfortunately Snowy had to travel across a beck and a ditch. Hmmm!
Oh and would you beileve the handbrake went on car as I was returning home from said neighbours farm! Grrrr!

On Friday I cycled to the neighbours farm where hubby deposited Snowy on the bales. This doesn’t sound anything out of the ordinary but for me to cycle to the neighbours farm which is a couple of miles away across fields, not sure on the road, this is a big deal for me!

When I arrived at the farm, I called out to Snowy and she called back and then came to the garden edge. I tried to choax her into the basket with tuna and got her half in and then she shot out.
Hubby and I then managed to find her in amongst the offending bales and got her into the box only for me not to be holding the door securely and she came out again. Twice in the box and still cat not home! She seems happy in her new environment but will be glad when she is home. I can’t sleep for fretting about her.

It took until Tuesday for my car to be fixed so finally on Tuesday morning, I roared off with cat box, cat feed tray, cat biscuits, tunafish and gloves (so didn’t get scratched!)

I have managed to catch  Snowy, when I got to the other farm she was hiding in the bales and she came out when I called her then took one look at the cat box and disappeared. I kept calling her and managed to choax her into the box with the food tray but she was alittle wary and dashed back out. I played the waiting game and eventually she went in the box and I managed to shut the door. She was not a happy cat when she realised she was trapped in the box but I quickly got her back to our farm.

I was worried when I let her out that she would want to return to the other farm but after reacquainting herself with the home she has had for 10 years she is now settled and acting like nothing has happened, well except maybe an adventure!

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