Cat Fight Abcess

My cat Stripe had a bad wound just near his tail recently which has been weeping abit in the last few days. My friend Sallie said to watch out for an abcess forming, so I have been reading up on cat fight abcesses.

Cat Fight Wound
Cat Fight Wound

An abscess is where pus and fluid form where the cat has had a wound or injury, this is because bacteria has entered the wound and infected the area. An abscess can be seen or felt as a soft painful swelling under the skin. Not every wound will abscess and I have known my cats get wounds before with no abcess, it all depends on the depth of the wound and the amount of bacteria that has entered the wound.

Signs to watch out for when your cat may have been wounded and be suffering with an abcess include:

  • Sudden loss of appetite.
  • Cat may hide away.
  • Cat becomes less active and reluctant to move or play.
  • Becomes nervous and fearful.
  • In pain when touched.
  • Warm to the touch and may have a fever.
  • Lump or inflammation can be seen or felt.
  • Cat begins to limp.

Areas where cats may get an abcess from a cat fight include:

  • the head
  • neck
  • forelegs,
  • and on the lower back at the base of the spine.

If you suspect that your cat has been in a fight and is wounded or that they have an abcess then it may be advisable to take your cat to the vet.