Difference Between Male And Female Toulouse Geese

I have been asked about sexing toulouse geese. I don’t have geese myself so I have had to do some research to try to find the answer. I have read that geese are hard to sex.
Characteristics and features to look out for to help identify the difference between male and female toulouse geese.

  • Look at the size of the birds within the group (the males are generally bigger)
  • If the geese get into a huddle, its more than likely that it will be the ganders on the outside of the group.
  • The noise that they make –  the ganders will make a hissing noise and stick their necks out whilst doing this.
  • Male geese can have longer necks and larger heads.
  • I also read that on the toulouse goose the beak on a maleis kind of greyish colour and on the female it is kind of a bright orangish colour.

You can also identify the gender of a goose by inspecting their vent but this can be hard to do.

If you know how to tell the difference between male and female toulouse geese then please leave a comment.
Useful books for a new goose owner are Starting With Geese by Katie Thear and Ducks & Geese At Home by Michael Roberts.

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