Hens & Cockerel Take Revenge On A Fox

I have just been writing for my poultry newsletter about how it is a good time to think about how well protected your hens are against the threat of foxes and other predators especially as March is a time when fox cubs are born and so foxes will be looking for more food and so can be seen at different times of the day and not just at dusk, when I came across an article in the Daily Mail about some hens and a cockerel that killed a fox! The hens and cockerel in this article certainly managed to protect themselves from the fox, infact you can’t help but feel sorry for the fox – it certainly picked on the wrong gang of hens!

Despite what these plucky hens and cockerel did, it is definately a good idea to think about how well protected your hens are, is their hut fox proof  and to think about the time that you get your hens in and try to make sure that you are not late getting them in as foxes somehow know when you are late and the hens are vulnerable. If your hens free range during the day, are they protected from predators, do you have fencing that will protect your hens against the fox?

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