Pig Animal Movement Records & Forms

Animal Movement In The UK – You are required to get a license to move any pigs from your premises. You will need a movement license form each time a pig leaves your premises or you bring a pig onto your premises.

You can obtain these forms from your local animal health officer at your county hall offices. When completing the form upon movement of a pig or piglets from your premises, one copy is given to the person moving the pigs/piglets, one copy is kept by yourself and another copy is sent to your local animal health officer at county hall.

You must keep a record of animal movement with the following information included:

  • Your name and address.
  • Date of movement.
  • The Herd Number / Identification Number or Temporary Mark on Pigs.
  • The number of pigs being moved.
  • The Holding Number and Address From Which Pigs Have Moved From.
  • The Holding Number and Address To Which Pigs Are Moved To.

A useful book for a new pig keeper and breeder is the book Starting With Pigs by Andy Case.

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