Duckling Hatched Early And Yolk Sac Not Absorbed

Had an email on Friday night letting me know that a duckling was hatching early and then this morning I heard that the yolk sac hadn’t been absorbed.

Hi Sara, just to update you on our eggs. It is not due to hatch until Wednesday next week but it actually started to break the shell yesterday at 5pm and now (26 hours later) his beak has come out completely – he doesn’t seem to be doing much more, as of yet, so we are keeping our fingers crossed he is strong enough with hatching early. Will keep you updated and send you photos when he has hatched completely.

Thanks for your speedy reply! I can see this being a long night Im so excited I wont be able to sleep! I have helped him a little by breaking off some of the hard shell but he is still very ‘gooey’ inside so don’t wanna break too much off incase it bleeds. Been reading things on the internet about how they can bleed to death if you break a vein so need to be careful. The children did see him popping his beak out today and opening and closing it- they were amazed! The are so excited for Monday morning when I take him back into school!
Thanks again for being so helpful and kind!
Kind regards

Hi sara, our little duck finally came out completely about an hour ago after I used some damp cotton wool to moisten the egg. He has a huge yellow lump attatched to his tummy with a gooey piece of string going from the lump to his back. I’m guessing this is the yolk still attatched to him but it is really big 🙁 poor little thing. He’s warm in his incubator and occasionally trying to move so it’s just a case of waiting now to see what happens to this lump. I’ll keep you updated
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Does anyone have any advice for Chantelle?

This was the advice I gave to Chantelle

I hope your duckling is ok. Yes it sounds like the yolk sac as the duckling is early. It’s now important that the duckling doesn’t get an infection via the yolk sac.

I have read that , “when a bird hatches with a yolk sac still outside the body, it is usually due to one or two things. Too-high humidity during brooding will cause this, as will an e.coli or staphylococcus infection during incubation. Sometimes the duckling will survive, but more often than not, bacteria gets into the sac through the duckling’s bellbutton and the infection gives the duckling septicemia, a body wide acute infection, and they die. Giving very potent antibiotics, like baytril, will help ward off infection, but it won’t necessarily save the bird.”

A reader of my website a year ago had a duckling hatch with the yolk sac still attached.
“His yolk sack was not quite absorbed. I am sure we panicked and were too quick to
intervene. We have raised the humidity level in the incubator (70%) and keep a wet paper towel wrapped loosely around him.”

Click on this link to read more about this duckling.

Hope he is ok.
Kind regards

Sarah one of the farmingfriends forum members said,

“The duckling sounds a little premature. Keep it warm and dry and encourage it to drink and have wet mash. it will soon dry out. It may have a herniated umbilica, which should be ok and still heal on its own if it is hardy enough. Sarah”

I am very sad to say that as of Sunday afternoon the little duckling passed away. It is always really sad when a duckling doesn’t make it. This duckling did well to survive as long as he did as his yolk sac was still so big and he was nearly 6 days early.

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