Guinea Fowl Pairings

I have read that guinea fowl will pair up for life and they are generally monogomous although a male can be grouped with more females although he will still have his favourite and the one that he will stand guard over and protect more than the others.

As well as reading about this I have actually observed this behaviour when I was given a trio of guinea fowl nearly 6 years ago.

I was given one male and two females  who I named Charlie, Camilla and Diana.

Charlie and Camilla are lavender guinea fowl and Diana is a beautiful pearl guinea fowl.

When it is egg laying time, Charlie will always stand guard over Camilla and he watches out for Diana but centres most of his attention on protecting Camilla.

Also interestingly enough we rarely get pearl coloured keets so I think that most of the breeding he does is with the lavender guinea fowl called Camilla.

Charlie, Camilla and Diana the guinea fowl have been on this farm for nearly 6 years and I got them as young adults so they are at least 6/7 years old.

I will find a good picture of Charlie, Camilla and Diana to show you and will post it later.

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