Learning About Golden Pheasants

Scott from Ozark Bantams website has sent me a message about his golden pheasants and as I have only seen golden pheasants on a petting farm I was interested to learn more about them.

  • I raise golden pheasants, and I can say they are a pleasure to keep.
  • The males are always showing off and displaying.
  • They are really easy to keep… just basic shelter, quality food, and clean water.
  • Mine started laying a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve not got several of their eggs incubating right now. They are due to hatch in early May.

I sent Scott a reply asking if golden pheasants could be kept free range and if they would mix with other poultry.

Hi Scott,
Glad you liked Zoe’s guest article. Golden pheasants are beautiful looking birds. I have  only seen one at a petting farm. Can they free range during the day and come back to their shelter at night? Do they mix with other poultry ok as I have hens, guinea fowl and ducks?
Good luck with your eggs you are incubating – let us know how you get on.
Just to let you know that I have a free forum which has alot of active members who I am
sure would be interested to hear about your golden pheasants.

Your website and blog is interesting.
Kind regards
sara @ farmingfriends

I was delighted to receive a reply from Scott with more information about the golden pheasant.

Thanks for making me aware of the forum. And thanks for the compliment on our web site and blog. I’m glad I found you site as well. To answer your question,

  • I’ve heard of people who have free ranged their goldens but it takes time and patience from a very young age. I am assuming they would have to be supervised outside while young.
  • I do not free range my goldens as they are a wild bird. Though I suspect they would stay near the pens if let out, I’m not sure they would willingly return at night.
  • And goldens are not easy to catch once free.
  • They should not be kept with domesticated chickens, as pheasants are more prone to diseases that chickens can carry and withstand.
  • They can, however, be kept with some other breeds of pheasant and peafowl.

Do you ever have guests write articles or reviews on your site?

I look forward to Scott’s guest article on my website as I think golden pheasants are beautiful birds.

Here is a book about Modern Pheasant Rearing:

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  1. i am looking for hatching instruction for red golden eggs i have ringnecks hatching now is it the same for red goldens

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