A Quick Letter From Cyprus – Settling Into New Cypriot Village Community

My penpal David lives in cyprus and I do look forward to his emails and letter. David has been very busy moving house recently so he has just sent a quick update on the move and settling into the new village community.

Hi Sara and all at Farming Friends
Just a rather quick note to say sorry that I have not sent a newsletter for some time but I am currently offline and waiting on Cyta to reconnect me in Kedares. The move has gone extremely well and I and the cats are now living happily in our new village community. I have planted various squash courgettes beans aubergines lettuces and onions as well as mint rosemary chervil and coriander. All are coming up with great vigour so it should be a good salad year.I am trying to stagger planting but the Cyprus climate does not seem to take account of this and once watered all the seeds seem to go wild with mad growth. The village is sparsely populated but many cypriots come from Lefkosia and Lemesos during holidays. Leo is my great new friend at the local coffee shop and already I have a supplier of oranges eggs bread and other fruits.Andreas Kostas and Xirios are also new friends and I cannot go into the bar without someone buying me a drink. This can be a bit embarassing as I drink beer and they tend to drink the local coffee so my return rounds are nowhere near as costly. Leo says not to worry and I suppose they would not do it if they were not happy. They all seem to be retired police and drive around in L200 Toyotas with various tractors and agricultural implements on the back. Any help or advice I need is freely given. As an ex Townie who loves the countryside this is the real joy of village life and I am glad that I made the move.
Well the weather is now getting hotter and I am building a covered pergola to give me and the plants some protection. I recently went to Famagusta and Salamis in the north part and will tell you all about it in my next letter. Anyone thinking of going there will be amazed at the ruins and buildings and the friendliness of the people most of whom speak english. My greek is not brilliant but my turkish is non existant so looks like more learning over the winter.
Best wishes to you all

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