Chaffinch Eggs & Chaffinch Chicks

I have been sent this wonderful photo of a chaffinch nest with four chaffinch eggs inside.

Chaffinch Nest With Four Chaffinch Eggs
Chaffinch Nest With Four Chaffinch Eggs

The chaffinch nest is usually made from grass, moss and hair with an inner lining of feathers and hair, which you can see in the above photo. It is normally a round shape and can sometimes have an outer covering of moss added for camouflage. The nest is normally located in the fork of tree and shrub branches. You can see that the nest in the above photo is resting in some conifer branches.

The chaffinch eggs are a greyish-blue spotted which are laid from April to June.  The female will lay about 4-8 eggs and thenshe will generally incubate the eggs for 11-13 days.

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