Rogationtide Walk

This year our village is going to do a rogationtide walk. Traditionally this involved walking the boundary to the village, (way before maps were printed) and beating the bounds so that everyone knew where the boundaries where. Children seemed to get a rough deal as they were often dragged through hedges, beaten at a specific landmark and dunked in rivers or streams along the boundary, although they were rewarded with gifts at the end of the walk!

Village Church
Village Church

The church parishoners and the villagers this year will take a short walk around the village setting off from the church and then heading to the mill, across our neighbours field to our farmyard and then back up the lane to the church. Along the way the crops, fields and farms will be blessed.

Villagers are also being encouraged to bring along musical instruments, (that they can play!) to accompany any of the hymns that we sing, I think I’ll be leaving the violin and guitar at home as I can’t play either of them very well.

I am looking forward to this event which will take place on Sunday 6th June at 3pm especially since they will be blessing our farmyard. I will let you know how the walk goes and will take plenty of photos.