Photograph Of A Heron At Esthwaite By Dave

I was delighted to receive an email with another very atmospheric photograph of a heron at Esthwaite in Cumbria sent in by Dave for the Farming Friends Photograph Of The Month Competition.

Heron At Esthwaite Taken By Dave
Heron At Esthwaite Taken By Dave

Dave is a member of the farmingfriends forum and Dave has just joined our forum community as he and his son are awaiting the arrival of a pair of call ducks.  This photograph is of a heron at Esthwaite in Cumbria. I have never seen a heron in the wild like this, so thanks for sharing Dave.

If you like taking photographs then why not enter our Farming Friends ‘Foto’ Of The Month Competition.

The photographs need to have a farming theme and can include the farming landscape, farm animals, farm machinery, farming life or nature and wildlife on and around a farm or the countryside both from the UK and abroad.

If you would like to enter then please send your photographs by email keeping the photograph attachment to a size of about 600 x 400 pixels. If you don’t know the email address then please leave a comment or use the contact form on the contact page and I’ll email you back.

Please supply some details about the photograph – the name of the person who took the photograph, when and where it was taken and what is happening in the photograph.

The winning ‘Foto’ will be posted at the beginning of the following month. I look forward to seeing your entries for the Farming Friends Photograph of the Month Competition.

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  1. Hi Sue, Glad you like Dave’s photo – it’s hard deciding on a winner for June. I have emailed you and look forward to your July’s entry.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfrineds

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