Guinea Fowl Keets Progressing Well With Pekin Bantam Foster Mums!

Just thought I would let you know that I received an email from Gary who recently bought some of my guinea fowl eggs for hatching.

He emailed a few weeks ago to let me know that the guinea fowl eggs had hatched and he had 4 keets.

Hi there farming friends, once again thanks for the Guinea fowl eggs the eggs were put under my broody bantam, and exactly 28 days after a good result 4 eggs out of the 6 hatched I am very pleased, the keets are doing well, once again many thanks.

He has just emailed through some photos.

Gary's Four Guinea Fowl Keets And Pekin Bantams
Gary's Four Guinea Fowl Keets And Pekin Bantams
Gary's Four Guinea Fowl Keets And Pekin Bantams
Gary's Four Guinea Fowl Keets And Pekin Bantams

“Hi there, it’s Gary here, my little keets are doing well and are running about the hen coop with their two bantam mums, I am enclosing a pic taken last week, they are enjoying the sun and surprised me by flying onto the perches like budgies lol, I am pleased to bits with the 2 bantams which hatched them, and I can say I am getting a lot of pleasure watching their antics, thanks for the prompt delivery of the eggs, and very pleased with the hatch, now I am sitting back enjoying them. Cheers, Gary. PS My partner was waiting for them to darken lol”

It’s always great to hear from customers who are have had a successful hatch and are enjoying their keets.

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